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  Code Brand Model Description  
2052 BS1A50M304 apertured endcap/有孔管盖 50.8-304 Details
2051 BS1A50M316 apertured endcap/有孔管盖 50.8-316 Details
2054 BS1C60RM316-M10x14 Endcap joinner/mirror finished S/S 316 /最常用柱顶杆M10x14 镜光 316 Details
2604 BS1E75RM304-48 endcap with female thread 304 mirror finished/带盖柱顶杆镜光304 Details
2053 BS1E75RM316-48 endcap with female thread 316 mirror finished/带盖柱顶杆镜光316 Details
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