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4187 FG3DR-458x420 commercial handrail 458x420,D-rounded ,stainless steel 304 mirror finished D圆商业门扶手。 Details
4188 FG3HR-550x420 commercial handrail 550x420,H-round,stainless steel 304 mirror finished/H圆商业门扶手。 Details
7768 ZJ-4 door lock(glass to glass)/中央锁(双开)镜光 Details
6960 ZJ-1 Hydraulic L hinge/液压门夹L型直边铰链砂光(下夹)Satin finish Details
7685 ZJ-1M Hydraulic L hinge/液压门夹L型直边铰链镜光(下夹)Mirror finish Details
7113 ZJ-3 Patch fittings 304 mirror finish/玻璃锁夹(地锁)镜光 Details
6961 ZJ-2 top clamp/直边砂光大上夹(配顶轴)Satin finish Details
7684 ZJ-2M top clamp/直边镜光大上夹(配顶轴)mirror finish Details
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