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  Code Brand Model Description  
7983 gs9b11B 10-2000mm long/side plastic seal Black/淋浴房挡水条黑色 Details
7982 GS9B10B -10-2000mm long/side plastic seal black/淋浴房挡水条黑色 Details
6124 GS9B11 10-2000mm long/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
7572 GS9B12 10-2000mm long/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
3657 GS9B10 -10-2000mm long/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
7980 GS9B6B 304A-10-2000mm~15.5-2m long black/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条黑色 Details
2144 GS9B6 304A-10-2000mm~15.5-2m long/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
7979 GS9B5B 305B-10-2000mm~15.5-2m long black/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条黑色 Details
2143 GS9B5 305B-10-2000mm~15.5-2m long/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
2142 GS9B4 308-2Mlong/10mm thick/ Magnet plastic seal set/磁性挡水条一套 Details
2145 GS9B7 308B-10-2000mm-2m long/10mm thick/ Magnet plastic seal/磁性挡水条 Details
7977 GS9B1B 309B1-10-13-2m long Black/middle plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条黑色 Details
2139 GS9B1 309B1-10-13-2m long/middle plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
8127 GS9B13 309B13-10-2m long/shower plastic seal/沐浴房挡水条 Details
2140 GS9B2 309B2-10-8-2m long/ middle plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
7978 GS9B3B 309B3-10-12.2-2m long Black/side plastic seal/沐浴房挡水条黑色 Details
2141 GS9B3 309B3-10-12.2-2m long/side plastic seal/沐浴房挡水条 Details
7981 GS9B9B 309D5-10-2000mm long black/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条黑色 Details
3355 GS9B9 309D5-10-2000mm long/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
3354 GS9B8 311-10-2000mmlong/side plastic seal/淋浴房挡水条 Details
2146 GS6UD15x9-2000 aluminium waterbar 2000mm length/GH-H10/铝质挡水条-长度2米 Details
8128 GS6UBC-B-2000 Aluminum U channel black, mirror finished/新型镜光淋浴房铝槽盖-2000哑黑 Details
7581 GS6UDB15x9-2000 blabk aluminium waterbar 2000mm length/GH-H10/铝质挡水条哑黑-长度2米 Details
2151 GS6E25x18 Endcap of Alu-U channel,Material ABS No discount under 100pc Details
6432 GS7FB-304 F top clamp(Matte black)/F盖顶夹/22mm(哑光黑)304 Details
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