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  Code Brand Model Description  
5426 SS2DGA accessory of new type G sim post/新款G型泳池柱配件 Details
2444 SS2F116X60-10M316 Flange 116X60 10mm thick 316 stainless steel plate Details
2443 SS2DB-117x70-8M316 Flange 117x70 8mm thick 2hole 316 stainless steel plate /方型泳池柱底盘 2孔 Details
2446 SS2DA90x90-40AM316 Flange 90x90 8mm thick 4 countersunk hole SS316/新型方型泳池柱底盘 4沉孔 Details
2447 SS2DA90x90-40M316 Flange 90x90 8mm thick 4 straight hole SS316/新型方型泳池柱底盘 4直孔 Details
5427 SS2DG Flange for new type G post 90x90 8mm thick 4 hole SS316/新型G泳池柱底盘 Details
2445 SS2DA-90x35-8M316 Square Flange for new type mini post Details
2448 SS2IA-98-7m316 SS2IA-98x35-7mm thick Flange/SS316/4hole/新型圆型泳池柱底盘4孔 Details
2449 SS2IB-98-7m316 SS2IB-98x35-7mm thick Flange 2hole SS316/新型圆型泳池柱底盘2孔 Details
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