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  Code Brand Model Description  
2084 V-580 580 cilicone white from local Details
2085 V-580GR 580 Neutral cure silicone 300ML Grey from Local Details
2083 V-680TR 680 Neutral cure silicone 300ML Translcent from Local Details
4230 V-680WH 680 Neutral cure silicone 300ML white from Local Details
2087 V-GU600 chemset 380ml Polyester resin with styrene/水泥胶GU-600 Details
6161 V-MS 70-03 MS 70-03 SEALANT/ADHESIVE - Grey 300ML( From Local) Details
3815 V-J4A-A Silicone sealant(Non-contamination sealant special for mirror)YB-808,无污染镜子专用胶 Details
2086 V-V60TR V60 Neutral Silicone-Translute 300ML from Local Details
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